This is simple Cloud Print Server with Text and Table.

Parameter is given as JSON from external site or program.

Result will be displayed as PDF on Browser.


Free Plan Premium Plan

Print up to 1 page per minute (*1)

10,000Page per month
Fee Fee


However, those who use the DegoDB Cloud are included in the price of DegoDB. You can use this with unlimited number of sheets in that case by just paying DegoDB subscription fee without paying the price above.

Editor Self Service

Self Service or Order with Fee

Automatic Page Breaks


Support for both Text and Table


Support for both Text and Table

Multiple Page Output Possible Possible
Creation Deligation Unsupported Supported with Fee. See Below
Custom Unsupported Supported with Fee
Remarks Advertisement is displayed on Footer No Advertisement

(*1) If you print multiple page with Free Plan, you shall wait a few minutes until next print.

Creation Deligation and Trial of Premium Plan 1 month

If you are going to use premium plan, our staff can create form by 10,000Yen for each form. Please send form example to the secretariat. However, it is only when editor can make it possible. Still you are free to try for one month. Please only pay the monthly fee together with the initial fee only when continuing. If you don't subsrive, no fee is required at all including set up deligation fee.
In the case of a form which can not be realized on the editor, we will make an estimate for customization.

Please inquiry for more details.


■Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SLA is 99.95% Please refer here fore more details.

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